Hello, God is faithful. He literally just wants me to go on as if it didn’t look like disaster was ahead. 

I pay no heed to it because it’s in His hands. 

Again I am thankful I’m not talking to anyone, so words of doubt and unbelief are cut off. 

I did talk to Tina today, but she is the only person who doesn’t doubt, and when I talk to her, I am encouraged instead of pulled down because I don’t sense her disapproval as I do with anyone else. 

I cannot blame everyone. 

I judge people to it’s natural, not that it’s right.

 It’s just natural, but I’m learning. 

Everyone is on their own learning path with the Lord or without Him, which would be hell. 

time with Him

I did a lot today, but I didn’t get one thing checked off my list.

 I need to focus, or my list may not get done before I move.


As soon as it’s five, I usually start feeling like I want to stop work and just go spend time with God. 

I know people are going to call that irresponsible because I’m not really working as many hours as even a nine-to-five worker works. 

Still, if what I’m learning about the Bible is true (and it is), then I am living in the Sabbath rest, and God takes care of me and shows me what to do and when to do it. 

If I feel like I want to stop and spend time with the Lord, even if I’m spending over half my waking time with Him instead of working, I just can’t believe that’s the devil or my flesh. 

Albeit my flesh has learned to love it very much, but if I just let my flesh do what it wanted, I would be watching movies more often and reading manga which both used to be a vice of mine. 

Now I do not enjoy movies as much as I do resting in His presence and learning His Word. 


I probably mentioned in an earlier post that I went to a CFAN last Sunday, which is a good church I was able to bike to. 

In that place, I felt God’s presence and pleasure resting inside those walls. 

After service, I went to a meeting they were serving lunch and got some pizza and one too many cookies. 😅 

It was the last of three sessions in this class they had every month, and I found it was on volunteering which I could not do since I was moving, but I enjoyed listening to them and taking the quiz. 

Their quiz was on ministry gifts; my strongest three were obvious to me, and some others surprised me. They had the five-fold gifts there, and I came out as though I had one that I was least likely to think I had as well as least interested in. 

Nevertheless, I don’t want to give myself a title or look for a title like Apostle Andrew. 

My title is Child of God and Follower of Christ with all my heart. 

I told the Lord that if I were a part of the five-fold, He would need to tell me in my heart and then confirm through a Prophet. 

But I don’t see the importance of having a title for me, at least.

 I believe I will operate in all the gifts before I leave this earth, especially giving and teaching, and that’s all I need to know now. 

don’t shrink back

Life is exciting; we see through a glass dimly. 

He shows us things about our future, but we don’t see half of it. 

We imagine up the rest and think that was a part of what God said, but it’s not. 

There is rest in the unknown. 

Lisa Bevere has a great book on that I read a while back called “Out of Control and Loving It.” 

That’s a good phrase for my situation right now. I know this is an important test for me to pass because if I can’t trust the Lord with my own place and provision, how will I trust Him for thousands of children in the future? 

No, I must not shrink back. I will rest in His love.


In His Service,

Abbie ❤️


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