Hello, I am logging something real quick to break my cycle of not posting.

I still need to put all my posts into the blog on my site, but that will come in time.

That’s a big task, and I think I’ll make it easier on myself by sticking with one image.

My goal isn’t to have people read what I’m typing up; I’d rather people not, but it’s out of obedience.

He just said to write my journaling down as a blog. I’ll get better at the “as a blog” part, but for now, things don’t have to be perfect.

God card

I am so happy with the place God has blessed me with it is so perfect.

Oddly enough, I’m getting a lot of pushback from family, friends, and Charis acquaintances that I’m doing the wrong thing either by not pursuing money, focusing on the business, or not going to school.

You can never please everybody so I choose to please God with my choices and not man.

However, it’s thoroughly annoying when people play the “thus saith the Lord” card.

If the Holy Spirit doesn’t bear witness, then I don’t care how much you believe I should do it. 

His Hands

My eyes and teeth have been more disturbing lately.

I know I’m healed in my head, but it hasn’t reached my heart.

Neither these issues can be allowed not to receive healing, or I will have much more than an annoyance on my hands.

God said He would take care of both of them, so I wonder if the right course of action is to put them in His hands, and He will teach my heart to believe.

nanny – not

Here’s a weird predicament…The single mother with the little girl decided for me not to nanny her daughter.

I can’t tell you why.

I literally have no idea.

The whole thing is a bit off, but she may have had some doubts about me for some reason, and two, she may be scared she made the wrong decision coming up here.

Whatever happened, I know God was and is making a way for her, and one of those ways was through me nannying for her.

say yes

Now I suppose I’m free to make much more money nannying, but I got so attached to schooling the lovely little girl.

I’m disappointed.

I hope I can get another little girl to tutor that can be dropped off at my place. 

It’s late goodnight all.


In His service,




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