The Count

Yesterday I was on schedule and ready to jum

Okay, so it’s the 5th day of Hanukkah, the 22nd day of December. We have nine more days before New Year, and I will have five more months till my lease is up and seven more months till school starts. 


Yesterday I learned about a guy named Ed Mylett from one of Terri Savelle’s videos, and from one of Ed’s videos, I found a guy named Jim Kwik.

Jim has a course that is said to teach you how to read three times faster within twenty-one days. It also boosts your focus and comprehension.

If this course does what it says it does, then I need to take the course.

It’s two hundred, and I would like my family to pitch in so we all can get it and benefit from it, but even if they don’t, I am going to invest in the course.


Today was a little off with the schedule, but for the most part, I stayed on top of it.

In Emerald Promise, I filed taxes and learned some about resale certificates and sales tax.

TaxJar isn’t as great as I hoped, but Shopify may have something that is better already in the back end of my shop.

I signed up for a library card and will be getting some tax and QuickBooks books to learn about that side of my business.

I already have a book called the Accounting Game I need to go through, and a YouTube channel called the Accounting Stuff I need to study.

I need my focus and comprehension to improve, so I want to take the speed reading course before I get too much into this.

Otherwise, I might fall asleep over my books and waste days and weeks.


I need Ethan to fix or replace the computer he sold me for my video work.

I messaged him today, and we agreed to work on it in February.

I still need to update a lot of my emails—especially the ones I made when I was first setting up Klaviyo.

My brand look has dramatically changed since then.

I was hoping to do that today, but I’m late to bed already, so tomorrow is always a new day.


In His service,



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