I don’t know what’s wrong right now.

This morning was very productive.

I was actually following my schedule, and I loved it! Then I heard Jess needed to get to the post office, so I took an hour out of my day to do that.

I do not regret that; I’m glad I was able to give her a ride.

I actually worked on my video during the reading time, so that’s where I started getting off schedule.

For Naught?

On the bright side, I did finish my video, and on the not-so-bright side, I found out it was too large to add to my Etsy listing.

At least I learned through the process of that video and the scripture card video since neither can serve the purpose I intended.

Hopefully, I can get the scripture card video put on a page I can make about the scripture cards, but I don’t know how effective that will be.

Ugh, I’m glad God has His hand on this business; otherwise, I would have my doubts. Thank You, Jesus, for guiding me in the way I should go!


I need to log off. I feel weird, so I’m going to pray in the Spirit and listen to Bevere’s book “Killing Kryptonite.”

It sounds like the truth, but I still don’t know how to balance it with what I was taught about grace.

I also need to prioritize reading through the New Testament again.

I feel like I will get a lot of answers there. The Holy Spirit is our teacher.

In His service,


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