Last night I didn’t get much sleep. I went to bed at a decent hour, but I was… giddy… how can I put this. 

   I was excited to the point of a headache. I was thinking about the future, and it looked beautiful and adventurous.

But I was trying to sleep, and my mind had difficulty calming down.

After about two hours, I finally ask God what I should do, and halfway through my sentence, out comes tounges.

I had an ah-ha moment, then sat up and spoke in tongues


I prayed till 2 am and woke up at 6, feeling like continuing my prayer language.

I prayed for two hours and recognized my spirit groaning.

What happened after was disappointing. I wish I just kept on praying all day.

The day flew by, and I barely got any work done. There were so many distractions. I made myself chocolate oatmeal and found that it took an hour.


Adrianna’s family called about the shower, and I did some planning.

Before I knew it I had a reminder on my computer pop up and tell me to call Savannah.


I’m always surprised how fast the week flies. Honestly, we will be in heaven before we know it.

I called her at two, and Dinky called me at 2:30. I finally got back to work by 3:00, and praise God, at least I finished my Mission’s page and got an idea for the footer by the time 5:00 rolled around, but I don’t understand why the time has been in such a hurry lately.

I wonder if my anxiety over it lately gives it wings. I found that anxiety seems to have that ability over things.

I need to give it all to God again.

It’s not my weight to hold. I’m just following instructions.

The results are in His hands. I’m to trust.

In His Service,



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