I’ve had an eventful week. 

I don’t remember if I journaled recently about having an issue with migrating my website to another hosting service, but it’s been a hassle, to say the least. 

The hosting site I’ve been with has been charging me $50 a month for the hosting service they provided, and I went with that one because Clay Clark said it was a good hosting service, and my mom suggested we go with what he said because he knows what he’s doing. 


Well. I trust him with business stuff, but this Epik deal turned out to be a huge waste of money and a headache. 


After having some issues with Divi and realizing I was paying so much for my hosting service mainly to help me with any issues I needed on WordPress, they couldn’t help me because I was using Divi to build my site out, and they don’t know Divi. 

I decided to migrate to Divi hosting. 

I went with Siteground and received a year of hosting for the price of a month at Epik. 

Sadly I didn’t migrate properly, and Epik suspended my account. 

When I called for help moving my site over to Siteground, I learned the importance of moving your files over before migrating. 

if you don’t get your files moved from one host to the other before you point your domain to another server, you will basically lose everything on your website. 

It’s like moving from one house to another without bringing your belongings with you. 

empty backup

Because my account was suspended, Epik wouldn’t give me my files until I paid $50 to reopen my account. 

After fighting it I reluctantly paid the $50 and retrieved my files. 

When I put my files into my new database in Siteground, it made no difference in my website. 

I didn’t know what I had done wrong, so for a couple of days, I tried different things, but it finally struck me that it didn’t matter. 

Whatever was on those files wasn’t what I needed anyway. 

They should have my blogs, but I have my blogs backup elsewhere. 

What I needed was the site I built on Divi, but that wasn’t what the files backed up. 


get up

With that dreaded revelation, my mind began to spiral. 

“I lost it” I heard in my head over and over. “It’s all lost.” 

I hit my knees and felt releasing a stream of tears out and a cry of pain, but I let my heart reach out to God, and I heard Him say, “you have a choice. you can cry or get up, and we can fix this tonight.” 

I set my jaw and got off my knees. 

I decided to shut out all negative thoughts and push through till we were done if it took me through the night to the next.

 I put on some loud music, and we got started right away. I was working in the grace of God, and I found my loss wasn’t as significant as I thought it was. I had the blueprint, I knew what I was doing because I already did it, I had all the photos I needed saved on my computer, and I knew where to find the templates I wanted. 

I worked like no bodies business and had a fantastic time doing it.


That night 7/18/2022, I will never forget as long as I live. It is a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness and proof that His word is true. 

We have joy in our spirits at all times, and we can choose joy no matter how bad our circumstances are. God is always with us, ready to help in our time of need.


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

Psalm 46:1

I was in joy all night, and we finished everything by midnight. I was so happy with the work. I believe it turned out better than the original, and we finished all the tasks for the day, so we didn’t skip a beat.


God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there

-Deuteronomy 30:3-4 MSG


Today I received an email from Epik telling me I was charged another $50, which ticked me off, so I called them and told them I wanted my $100 back.

The lady said she had to take it to upper management and she would get back to me, but I checked on their site’s policy, and it said that I could get a refund within a seven-day window, and the 2nd charge was that day, and the first charge was six days ago, so I’m going to get that refund.

I’ll check back in with them tomorrow about it, but I thank God I didn’t wait a few more days to call; otherwise, the first charge wouldn’t have been in the seven-day window. 


I’m almost finished with the website and will be able to move on to building out my email marketing.

I’m so happy we are making progress that I can see.

I’m so thankful I have plenty of time to learn and experiment. God is always good to me, and I’m so blessed to be working with Him.




In His service,



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