Hannah and Christina have made it back to Florida. Their visit spanned a week, and I haven’t been able to work since they arrived.

I loved having Hannah around, and it comforted me to see what an amazing young lady she is growing up to be. 


I read “The Magician’s Nephew,” the first book in the Narnia series. I have read it in the past but rereading it has been a while, and it was captivating.

The book was much smaller than I remembered it, and I was able to finish it before the girls left Colorado.

Now I want to read Historical fiction, but I wonder if that’s the best thing for me to do.


I sure would like to know more about History and get new things to think over, but I have the Bible and God’s ways to meditate on, and I absolutely do not want to have that take the place of meditating on God’s words.

It’s a no-go.

We will see what happens.

Right now, I have a number of books I’m trying to get through simultaneously, which isn’t the most productive thing in the world.

In fact, that is a paralysis for me when it comes to reading.

It seems like I get nowhere in any book when I have so many.

I want to focus on one at a time, but the question is which one—the study of study and the study of harmony between grace & obedience.


I want to understand God’s ways, and it won’t come by me listening to some teacher or reading a book.

I have to search for it like hidden treasures, and the Lord will help guide me to the truth and help it get into my heart.

New Joy

I am really excited about learning accounting and drawing now because the joy of it has finally come.

The Lord has given me a desire and joy to do the work He has set before me. Those were the tasks I dreaded most, and now I’m excited to do them.

God is good. He gives me the desires of my heart. I shall not want because He is my shepherd.


When I did my budget and set things right, I found I had thirty dollars for groceries.

I mentioned this already, but I will repeat it. I decided to give that thirty as seed instead of using it on groceries.

I have never lacked and never will. As I type this out, my fridge and pantry are fully stocked with food, and God will always come through.


Thank You, Jesus! Having Hannah over has made me realize how much God has given me.

My life is full of blessings, and it will only get better. Sometimes I become ungrateful and wish I had tons of pocket money, but I want to let You know, Abba, that I am sorry for every time I have done or will do that in the future because You are eternally good to me.

I don’t always know why things happen the way they do, but Your way is always the best way.

I always want your way.

I want to take a moment to tell You that we both know I can act in the moment on some things without thinking to ask You about them.

I don’t want to make decisions that are against what You want, so please keep me from doing that.

Don’t give me things I think I want but You don’t want for me. If I’m doing a piece of stupid, please block that path.

Thanks eternally! 


Your beloved, 



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