Today came with a set of challenges. 


Arielle is having some issues with Tigger, so I had Christy drop me off at her place so I could find and review the Emerald Promise Accord.

When I did, I thought things like repairs on Tigger wouldn’t be covered, but Arielle thinks that the phrase “Full Coverage” on the document will cover it.

I believe that was meant for the insurance, but I can talk to mom about it. So I called her, and we talked a bit but couldn’t get to discussing Tiger because she had to hang up, but she told me she would call back after she brought the groceries in and grabbed something to eat.

So now we are waiting on her call so we can head over to the mechanic. While I was waiting, my t-shirt samples came in.

I love most of the shirts.

The light on the candle tee needs a mockup redo because the light isn’t as bright.

I want to move the A over a bit on the Yeshua Giaza tee, and I decided True Royal isn’t my color, but for the most part, I’m delighted with them.

They are comfortable, and the prints are vibrant.

My absolute favorite so far is the shalom tee.

I put it on immediately. It’s so comfy! My love!

In His Service,



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Be the Light Tee

As in Heaven Tee

Red Church Tee

King Tee