Dear self,
There seems there have been a lot of past struggles that have been coming up lately, and I want to address them if I can.

Number one I believe, would be trying to do things with your own effort and fearing that if you mess up, everything will fail.
These are both works; if you don’t realize that the Holy Spirit is working through you, then you’re still on that wheel.

Suppose it is the Spirit working through you, then it is no longer you but Christ in you.

If you ever feel burnout, you are in works. If you fear because you messed up, you will fail, then you are trusting in yourself for the provision and not God.

God has an endless supply, and you can’t tap Him out. Rest in Him.


Secondly, you forget that what Christ has done is finished work.

Don’t engage with the enemy in a fight.

You can tell them where you stand as the victor.

When they shoot lies, block them with the shield of faith and remind yourself that you have the victory. All the promises are yours.

If you engage in battle, you are stepping out of victory and into works, and you cannot beat the enemy with works, but the enemy cannot beat you with grace.

be aware

Thirdly really be aware of why you are working.

Working is worship, so make sure you work for the Lord, not for you, money, success, other people, giving, or even the vision.

Finally, be conscious of why you are going to the Lord. Is it because you love Him? Is it because you want to spend time with Him? Or is it because you want something?
Make sure the vision doesn’t become your idol.

Hold on to things loosely.

Be ready to give anything and everything up if the Lord tells you to.

Don’t spend your time dreaming over temporal things.

Don’t desire something so bad you feel you need it; that’s lust.

You are moving in the right direction. Your heart is right, but don’t go so fast; you are chasing the wind.



In His service,


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