Today is a sharp contrast to yesterday. I had difficulty waking up today, but I made myself do a quick workout before deciding if I needed more sleep. I made myself some homemade hot chocolate and started spending time with the Lord. I think hot chocolate might be my drink. I’ve strayed away from tea, and Coffee hasn’t been my thing. Water kefir in the mornings is good too. Hot chocolate probably shouldn’t be a daily thing, even if I only put honey in it.😆 So the idea is chocolate is healthy…right? 😄

rabbit trails

I had times where I would get off on rabbit trails, like when the kids called me and when I looked up what the light therapy on my BEMER does. Most of us don’t know what we have and aren’t using things to their fullest potential. I had such a good morning. I finished Andrew’s book “How to Find, Follow Fulfill God’s Will.”

dreams & Goals

I spent time with the Lord in peace. He gave me a picture of the future again. Another business was conceived in my imagination today. I also named three of my businesses. I have five now. One “Emerald Promise,” two “Like Amber,” three “Seven Torches Academy,” four “The Saphire Throne,” and five “Jasper and Sardius.” “Seven Torches Academy” will be a fun project for me. I will learn how to edit in Premiere Pro, record, take pictures, and perhaps even learn some animation. Who knows. I’m going to create educational resources for children.

This season is supposed to be a fun and creative time in my life. I will learn so many things.

I’m going to be somewhere amazing in September. I feel the need for a studio, not a tiny apartment. I’m talking about a studio for arts, crafts, music, and all sorts of projects.

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry about tomorrow is what God is saying to me today.

Do not worry.

When we worry, we put faith in the devil’s ability to cause a lack in our lives.

We also believe that we aren’t worthy for God to love us so much to provide abundantly.

When we worry, we put the problem into our hands and call God a liar.

We don’t realize how evil worry is, but it is straight from the devil.

You can see it steal, kill, and destroy right before your eyes.


My God is good. He came to give me life and life abundantly. I will lift my voice to Him and sing with praise and thanksgiving. Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty; Who was and is, and is to come.


My meditation of Him shall be sweet. I will be glad in the Lord.

Psalm 104:34