It’s October 13th, 2022, and it’s a beautiful day here in Woodland Park, Colorado. 

Yesterday I hit what I consider a milestone in the business. I put over a hundred and fifty products in the store and called it done for now. (The product part) 

I will start focusing on every other side of the business now and get myself into a proper schedule.  

I will prioritize Bible reading and my relationship with God above all else.

That’s not new, but I want to take it to the next level.

I also want to prioritize health more.

I say this while eating a chocolate bar, but I mean it.

I am going to dedicate an hour in the morning to exercise. Then I will take a cold shower and read on the Beamer.

Also, I’m not going to stop my intake of juice+. That’s very important to me.

It boosted my stamina while exercising, and I can stay awake and focused when I work, so it’s well worth it. 


As far as work is concerned, I am going to finish my email sequences this week and take next week to finish up the Scripture cards.

After that, the shop will be ready to open, except for my not knowing how actually to run it.

So I will be learning financials, accounting, taxes, etc.

I will also run my products through my Etsy shop, and the only ads I might run are Etsy ads, but most likely, I’ll figure out the algorithm and create natural traffic. 

I don’t want to do paid advertising.

I will figure out SEO, blogging, Social Media, Video creation, and word of mouth, which is the most effective form of advertisement anyway.

The books “Contagious” and “Soft Selling in a Hard World” should help.


I mainly want to create a platform where I can teach the Word of God, build a following, and share my business there.

I will count on my audience to shop at my store and share word of mouth.

That way, I can make money by learning the Word. That’s a dream job for sure, and I will make so much I can give to every good work.


POD doesn’t give you a good profit margin, though.

You don’t have to mess with the merch, but you pay for it.

In about six months, I want to buy a house that has three or four bedrooms I can work out of.

I would want to steal Jessica from Florida and have her as my first employee.

I believe she would be a great help.

This may be ambitious, and I may need just to get some office/warehouse space, but I’d rather continue working out of a home environment, especially since God is calling me into the arts.

I want to move away from third-party print-on-demand services when I can.

I really would like to partner with other Christian businesses to add to my shop.

I also want to build up my branding, which I don’t have much control over with POD.

T-shirts and posters are pretty much the extent of my product line with POD since their prices are ridiculous, and it’s not like it’s superior quality.

I’m basically paying retail prices and marking them up for my customers, and I hate it.

T-shirts and posters make the most sense price-wise, but everything else makes my head tilt, so it’s difficult for me to add other products.


I am going to search out American manufacturers or creators that I can purchase in bulk and sell in Emmie.

But to do that, I will need storage space, thus the need for my own place.


I kinda made an official decision that I did indeed want to hold inventory just yesterday as I finished up my products for the time being.

But it has been a few weeks that I have felt the next place I move to will be mine. 

Can you imagine that? Having my own place at twenty-one? Ohh, that’s exciting.

I want three to five bedrooms. I want a room for me, one for Jess, another for my office/studio, then a packaging room/Jessica’s office, & last but not least, a storage room.

If I had a sixth room, I would probably turn that into a creation room where I would get printers and other machinery to create my products, but I may now want to get into all that so soon.


I just zoned out thinking about it all for about a good ten minutes.

I love dreaming big.

I believe we can’t go or do anything we haven’t already gone or done in our minds. Imagination is powerful, so I love to dream, but we have to take action on our dreams.

Balance has to take place in every area of our life, so we aren’t on either side of the extreme.

One is just daydreaming with no progress, and the second is running all day with no progress, like a hamster on the wheel.

If we want to make a mark, we need to have the Holy Ghost as our guide, so we don’t end up making circles.


Thank you Abba.

In His Service,



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