I’m finally excited again about my business. 


Thank You, Holy Spirit, for bringing me through this time of doubt and walking me back into faith. Amen


Abba, I’m so excited!


We will take off like a rocket; I just know it. 

That may not look exactly how I see it, but I trust you, so let’s do it Your way. 

There is so much learning to do and no time for dilly-dallying. 

I can be and will be so much more productive than I even was in the Springs. 

Enough with letting people get to me. 

At least I have Christina to talk to, and even if I didn’t, You are enough. 

But I thank You for Christina. I’m so glad she’s here, but I feel she’s supposed to be in Florida. I’m glad Tobias is in the family now, and for better or worse, I’m here to support the marriage any way I can if it’s ever my time to aid. 

I want to get to know Tobias better, but that will come with time. I don’t have much time to chat with any of the family right now though I may need to put it in my schedule to do so. 

I will prioritize prayer over talking. 

Talking won’t help them half as much as prayer will.

Prayer is a Christian’s secret superpower. 

Secret because very few realize its potential.

kilz & christmas

I love the Lord. 


So the fall-out with my last roommate left the room smelling awful.

I had to tell Paula that it was essential to do something about the smell and suggested painting the room after sealing it with kilz.

She actually took action on the issue much faster than I thought she would.

Today I came home to kilz all over the walls in the little room.

I wanted to get a small runner and a throw for the room, but I feel like I’m not supposed to worry about the situation too much.

God will bring the right roommate, and I shouldn’t try to get it done in my strength.


I bought some cute reindeer ornaments from Goodwill, along with a santa cookie jar and some mini Christmas trees I turned into a centerpiece at the coffee table.

I had a little party Thursday night, putting up Christmas decorations with Tina and Kyah.

We watched a Christmas movie, started a fire, and had sparkling cider. It was really fun.


In His Service, 



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