My mom and I don’t see eye to eye all the time, so coming home and serving is not a small challenge. I have always been what people call a born leader. I want it my way or the highway and can find ways to make it happen.

The thing is I’m going to have to lay all of that down when I go home.

my problem

I am still determining when my last log was so let me give you some background. 

A few weeks ago the Lord told me to go home, help with the kids, submit to and serve my mom, and homeschool.

The absolute hardest thing for me to do will be submitting and the more time that goes by and I find myself thinking of the ways I’m going to do things the more I realize I have a serious problem with the submission.


This is where we circle back to my mom and I don’t see eye to eye. Obviously, nobody agrees perfectly.

It’s natural to disagree.

Everyone is going to disagree in some areas, but disagreeing doesn’t bring disunity.

Disunity comes when you force your opinion upon someone else to the point of division.

For unity to exist someone has to submit their will to the will of the other even when they completely disagree with it.

You may not agree with the decision, but you honor and respect the person and their authority, so you respect the decision.

Submission and obedience aren’t the same things though. Submission is a heart attitude, it always treats authority with honor and respects it never tries to push its own will, but if the authority goes against the will of God one must disobey the lower authority to honor the highest one.

Strong Willed

My mom isn’t the strongest woman when it comes to saying no. She has been a people pleaser her whole life and is working on stepping out of that.

She knows I have a much stronger will and get my way ninety percent of the time and that makes her reasonably uncomfortable with me coming back into the house.

I’m not going to deny I have a problem with it, so for me to come home or take care of the children ultimately comes down to her.

If I were her I probably wouldn’t want me back either unless the Lord directed me to let me back. That sounds weird.

Heart Surgeon

What I’m saying is I don’t blame her. I need to learn submission and that’s one of the things the Lord said I needed to go back for, but I also told the Lord that in order to submit she has to welcome me back into the home, so He will have to work on her heart.


I am not worried about it. I know what the Lord said to do for the next season and I don’t have to know how He will work it out I just have to know He will. I trust Him. He hasn’t let me down before and He never will.


Thank You, Jesus!


In His service,



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