I slept eleven hours last night.

I fell asleep at 6 pm and woke up at 5am. I must have needed the sleep. I feel great today. I exercised for over an hour and ate a good breakfast at eleven. 

Time still seems to be flying though. I mean it’s twelve already I feel like I just started the day even though I’ve been awake for seven hours. 

I spent some time listening to Abba… or trying to anyway. 


I was super fidgety because I was not used to sitting in complete silence for an extended time.

When I do, my mind will wander to things to be done, plans to be made, and visions to be dreamed.

But I have to focus on the Lord in those times. It is only difficult because I haven’t made a practice of it, but that’s changing.


I heard something yesterday that really encouraged me.

It went like this; God gave us each 24 hours in a day because He knew that was enough time to get everything you need done while still getting enough rest.


My mom called and I am lying to her a bit because she doesn’t agree with what I’m doing at all. So right now she thinks I have a job, but I don’t and I know God doesn’t want me to have a job right now, so just to stop the drama I told her I babysit for a lady with two little girls. I just listened to Joyce speak about the fear of man. She said one of the biggest problems in the church is caring what others will think of you. 

I know pretty much everyone doesn’t agree with that, so I don’t tell anyone, but I made a mistake in telling mom when God first told me to work for Him. 

She blew up and did the best in her ability to convince me out of it. 

It took me into a dark place because I did care what she thought of me and obviously still do since I’m trying to protect myself by lying. 

I know it’s time to come clean. 

I need to not tell her about everything God tells me to do, but that mistake is already made, and lying to reverse it isn’t right. I’m going to fess up for better or for worse.


In His Service,



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