I am in a battle. I need to get back to spending time with Abba and devouring the Word, but I keep finding people drawing me away to anything else.

I keep finding myself on the couch watching a movie, and I keep finding when I try to devote an entire day to the Lord, it’s anything but.

I have to keep my mind stayed on Him, and the more movies or outside influences I spend time with instead of time in His presence, the harder it will be to keep my mind on Him.

My mind will wander to the happenings of the day or the latest film I put in my head.

Then the truths I learned from His Word fade until I can’t remember what it was we were learning because it never took root.

I didn’t give it enough time to do so.

The Word has been stolen away because I let my guard down and gave the enemy an open door.

The enemy would like me to look at myself and think, what a loser, you haven’t really spent quality time with the Lord in such a long time, and here you are sitting in front of the tv again.

You don’t even know how to say no to anybody.

How weak you bend at the slightest wind, look at yourself in the fridge again, you have no self-control (I eat when I’m anxious), etc, etc.

not out

But that’s not what’s going to happen.

I’m going to recognize what’s happening and turn to God for the grace to succeed because I already have the victory.

Not in my own strength but in His.

I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves us.

Know it

I just need to remember what the priority is this year.

It’s not launching the business.

It’s not making friends; it’s not making connections or even learning new skills.

My priority is my relationship with God and putting the Word in me.

This is actually priority for my life, and I hope I never forget it, but I can’t just hope; I have to remind myself and encourage myself in the Lord.

The first person I minister to is me because if I don’t know it, how can I teach it?


In His Service, 



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