I had a nice day today.

I am getting back into the groove of things. I didn’t need any time to settle back into the business; I was pulled to it like a magnet.

I have been very efficient these last few days since being back, which I’m very grateful for since I feel I’ve lost a week being in Florida.


Tina didn’t even wed she couldn’t because the dates were off and we didn’t know it until the end of the trip.

It was a learning curve, but let’s not look back but forward.

By tomorrow I must finish up the designs/products for a while at least and plan out the next week.

Next week I need to tie up all the things I hoped to accomplish in August before moving.

Then, I can transfer all my journal entries into the blog; after that, God knows what. I might launch and devote myself to learning.

I need to understand bookkeeping, taxes, drawing, the basics of finances, social media, video creation, and photography, but most of all, I must learn the Kingdom of God. 

movies & blueberries

I watched a James Bond movie tonight, and I didn’t like it.

Too much killing, not enough caring. If nobody cares about anybody, what is the point?

Arielle came over and watched it with Jojo and me. We had pizza and a bowl of berries.

After the movies, Arielle headed out, but Jojo and I talked for an hour at least, and I am so happy because I have found my older friend I’ve been wanting for years now.

Jojo is really amazing, and I look forward to getting to know her better as time goes on. I don’t agree with her on everything, but we never do.

I agree with her on most things and where it matters.

Jojo gave me a hoodie this evening as well. It’s a grey hoodie that says “Charis Bible College.”

I know I’m going to love living with Jojo, Kyah, and Bae. They are amazing people.

I’m going to start waking Christy up in the morning with a phone call so I’m going to get to bed now. Blessings.


In His Service, 



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