Six more days to go before move out.

 I cleared out my desk and decided I would post it on marketplace tomorrow. 

God has been telling me all day, “you have time; you have time; don’t feel rushed.” it’s amazing to realize God has it in His hands. 

I’m not certain project ice cream will be finished before we leave since I can’t rush it but do everything in excellence unto the Lord. 

I took three days to catch up with the description, and I believe it will take all Wednesday to catch up with my product images fully.

 Then I’ll have Friday to work on the Scripture cards, but that will likely take till Monday and Monday; I will pray and clean because Tuesday we go.


 I also have a few errands Tuesday, like picking up supplies for the shower (I didn’t know what I was saying yes to there). Then I need to pick up some gift cards for the kid’s birthdays and visit Ashley because she just had Maverick. 

I should pick up some flowers for her as well. 


Thankfully almost everything is packed and ready to be put in Tigger (the vehicle). 

I just need to be rid of some furniture and keep my eye out for the special place the Lord will bring me to. 

Glory to God!

Glory to God. 

There was a place I saw on the Charis Facebook group I hope will work out. 

It certainly looks special, but I pray for the Lord to open the doors that He wants me to walk through and close the doors He doesn’t. 

Even if that one doesn’t work out, I can see that God can bring something pretty fast. 

That place was very nice. 

I was envisioning boasting on the Lord about it. Glory to God; this is the double portion! 

That is what I believe God for in my housing situation; the double portion. We don’t go backward; we go forward. Glory to glory!


“But as it is written: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

My God

My God is big, and He takes care of me abundantly.

 He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. 

He knows no lack. 

The one thing that I would ask for differently in the place I looked at today would be more space in the room. It was a small room, but if it’s my special place, then it will work. 

God kept telling me, “don’t try to make anything happen.” 

I kept thinking in my mind about how I could get the girls deciding on the place to choose me, but that’s wrong. 

That’s worrying and not trusting God. 

The last thing I want to do is open the closed door with a crowbar and walk away from my special place. 

I was listening to Joyce Meyer today while I was working, and two or three times, she said, “If God wants to get you something, no person or every demon in hell can’t keep it from you.” 


 Last night she said when she was worried about missing God, He told her that if she did, He would come to find her. 

That spoke to me. Of course, God isn’t just leaving us to walk this on our own. 

He’s right here with us. Trust Him. Praise God.


In His service,



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