The pain that is trying to overcome me is making me nauseous.

God told me to go back to Florida so I will not waver from that, but there is a goliath trying its best to scare me and push me down.

The crushing words of hatred and abandonment are coming from someone I love deeply and that is how the enemy gets to you best.

I will not let offense in. It truly shocked me what they have been saying and they think every word I speak is manipulation.


There’s almost half a year before I have to even think about it, but I do need to pray. God will fight my battles here.

I have no power to make a difference except through prayer. I know a weapon from the enemy is to get me depressed and offended.

His greatest weapon for doing that is people. Our greatest weapon against the storms that he brings is a peace that passes all understanding that guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and my stomach because without His peace I would throw up right now.

not my fight

This is not my fight. The battle is the Lord’s and I must continue doing what the Lord has told me to do. I will not figure this one out in my head so I will simply walk on water without trying to know how it works. 


Praise God, my Redeemer!


In His service,



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