The first couple of days of the year were a little hectic. 

I had to stay up late on the first to pick up my girlfriend from the airport.

 It was midnight and snowing. 

We didn’t get back till 2:30, and it wasn’t safe to drive up the mountain any further to get her car, so she stayed at my place for the night. 

As the following two days were errand days, I couldn’t jump into the new year with gusto until today.


 Last night though, I made my first post on TikTok. I’m not too fond of Tiktok, but nobody I know will see me there, so I’m experimenting there for my first month. 

It was just a quick silly video.

 I left behind a lot of perfectionism in 2022. 

I realize that perfectionism is another word for paralysis. 

I want to be free and happy. 

I want to enjoy life. 

black swan

These next few years may be hard for most people. 

Joseph z says the crisis of our generation is coming fast. 

He calls it the Black Swan event. I say bring it on! This nation needs a shaking. 

I went through Covid without it affecting me much at all. 

This will be similar. 

If you were living by faith as a Christian, there isn’t much you change when a crisis hits. 

You keep trusting God. 

The only way I’ve been able to live up here in Colorado is through God’s provision. 

God’s economy isn’t affected by the world. 

God’s the one in control here, and He has every capability to bless me in famine as in plenty. 


The direction the world is headed right now is pretty dark, and God has given me a huge vision that is going to take at the very least, my lifetime. 

Since this vision isn’t my own but God’s, I know He has some plans to shake the world up and turn it around. 

I don’t know what He has planned, but it has to be dramatic, so put those seat belts on and hold on to your rock Jesus Christ.


Today was really amazing. 

I feel like I’m stepping into who God designed me to be.

 He told me Joy would be my defining word. 

That was definitely not the case when He spoke that over me, but I am seeing the fruit of it. 

Yesterday at the water store, I was waiting in line for water while reading the book, and Wade commented that he didn’t know what was going on, but he’s glad I’m happy. 

I suddenly realized I was very happy, and people could definitely see it. 

I thought back on what could have made me happy that day, and there wasn’t anything spectacular that happened. 

I just know I had a lovely time with the Lord earlier that morning. 

And that’s all that it takes.

 Relationship with God comes with so many benefits we don’t even realize. 

When we actually soak in His loving presence and listen to His voice, we come alive. 

I don’t want anything else.

try it

I realize I just thought I was spending time with the Lord, but I wasn’t. 

Taking “time” and setting it aside to be with the Lord will change everything. 

That’s what made today such an amazing day!

Don’t just take my word for it. Try it. 



In His service,



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