There is so much to learn.

So today, I wrote two short lessons for the masterclass and followed the schedule well. I may be more productive when I take breaks.

I didn’t feel sharp today, though. I felt fatigued like I had half my mind in Lala land and half in reality. It felt like I was floating around, and I kept yawning. Even when I was exercising, I never shook that sleepiness. I may have slept too much last night. I fell asleep at seven and took two, maybe three naps today; I don’t remember now. Thankfully they were short ones. After that, I would get up like, “PLEASE DON’T TELL ME I WAS OUT FOR AN HOUR!”

sister business

I helped Christina set up her business, and I will continue working with her.

It’s called Eden Bloomz, and she is selling oil blends for the face.

She found some beautiful bottles, and I designed a label. I had already developed her logo a few weeks ago when we had her file her DBA.

Now she needs to raise at least $5,000 to start, which would be easy if Tobias did a few trucking jobs. I suggest she raise $10,000 if she can, but I don’t want to scare her with that number.

We will see where it takes us. We calculated the cost of production and the start-up cost would get her enough bottles to start.

I plan to implement her SEO with mine, but she will need to start her blog, which will be easy since she has a clear niche.

God guides

It can be discouraging to see that none of my t-shirts are selling yet.

I haven’t made one sale, but I must remember I’m not promoting it yet.


God will show me the right path.

I can’t get concerned that we are doing it all wrong. I don’t want it to explode yet, anyway. I need to learn the financial side. It would be nice to know the product is something people want.

I looked over other Christian t-shirt shops; mine is just as good or better than anyone else. I should add hoodies to my shop eventually, but if I focus on the product, I will crash and burn because the problem is no one is seeing it, so it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is if I don’t drive traffic there.

the plan

Driving traffic is exactly what we will do when we start making content for social media platforms; then, I need to capture the traffic with my lead magnet.

As soon as I start seeing success with this, I want to create a course on how to start a business.

There is so much I have learned that no one course offered me. All the information was scattered everywhere, and it was hard to understand.

No one place had everything I needed. Business structure, tax, finances, website hosting, building and maintaining, blog, SEO, production, marketing, and more.

I would also like to coach people into starting a business that has their products manufactured in the USA, and I would put their products in my shop.

The goal is to bring back manufacturing in America one category at a time.

People can tackle different varieties, but we will put them all on one platform and crush china manufacturing.


And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

I don’t want to fall asleep at seven again, but I feel so tired. Why Lord?

In His Service,

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