So I ended up skipping my journal yesterday, but I’m back.

 Arielle showed up around seven yesterday morning, and we started moving the largest items in the car, like the grains and big boxes.

 I was in denial because I thought we could still move everything in one go an hour into packing things up, but in no way was that going to happen.

 After stuffing Tigger, we stopped by Walmart to copy the key, but they didn’t have the exact skin, so it wouldn’t have tricked Summer and Cisco; so I called Tina and told her I would be honest and tell them she forgot to send the key back.

2 rounds

 I picked up a gift for Luna, and we stopped next to Chick-fil-a because Air was craving a breakfast sandwich. 

Then I swung by Safeway and picked up flowers for Ashlee and visited next; I went to see Maverick.

 Air stayed in the car because she wasn’t feeling well. 

Ashlee, Jordan, Shiloh, and Maverick were well. 

I was even able to see Dana for a minute before I headed out again. 

Air looked half asleep, so when we unloaded at her place, she stayed behind to sleep, and I took Tigger for the rest of my belongings. 

I really have a lot of stuff. 

I ran up and down the stairs and packed that vehicle tighter than it was the first round. 

I had my bike on the bottom, and everything else squished around it. 

Memories came back from when we first moved to Colorado. 

The vehicle was packed like that.

 God has multiplied my belongings even though I tried to give away most of my stuff. 


I talked to Summer and Cisco before leaving. 

Mostly Cisco. 

I ministered to Him before I left, and we parted on a very good note. 

He told me if there is an event at my church, be sure to give them an invite which I will be glad to do.


After leaving, I swung by Party City to see what they had but didn’t like the feel of the place, so I left. 

Next up was Hobby Lobby, and I picked out the party supplies there. 

I may have paid more, but it is going to Christians. 

At Ross, I purchased two gift cards for the September babies, and at Kohls, I dropped off the earbuds to send back to Amazon. 

I wanted to grab a sandwich from Sprouts before leaving the Springs, but I decided against it since Air wanted me back an hour ago so she could go to jujitsu. 

I sped a little, and she was only a little late because she likes to get there early. 

I was pretty tired after all that running around, so I took a shower and hit the bed. 


Today I typed up the discipleship email sequence into my laptop. It took almost all day, and I am glad to have it over. I still need to edit, polish, and add it to Klaviyo, but I believe that’s the easy part and can be done on September 4th after my fast and time with God. 

Arielle came back from work around three or so, and we went to the park. 

I started having negative thoughts float into my head and attempt to steal my joy as well as think of survival moves. 

Scripture Card

I praise God that I found my scripture card inside the book I pulled out of Tigger. 

I thought the card might have been taped up inside one of the boxes.

 I read my card and meditated on His faithfulness, and I had to make a decision again to trust Him, which I did. 

I will not shrink back. 

He has me, and He is never late. 

I am grateful that I will focus on Abba and prayer for the next three days. 

I will pray in tongues, and He will give me direction. 

The provision is here, and He will show me how to get it.

 I will not shrink back. 

My trust is in the Lord. 

My heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. 

My heart is established. Amen.


In His service,



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