Tomorrow is 2023, and I have some goals that are going to be knocked out in that year. A few being..


  1. Read the Bible 2x
  2. Start posting videos or going live regularly.
  3. Understand Finances
  4. Understand SEO, blogging, Social Media, & video creation
  5. Be good at drawing
  6. My healing manifested
  7. Have Emerald Promise automated for the most part
  8. Start up my next business
  9. Own a Kangen Water Machine
  10. Make Prayer a lifestyle
  11. Save over 10,000 personally

I don’t know if I am supposed to start school in 2023 or not.

I watched the campus reveal, and I really liked what Andrew is planning for the future! I really would like to go to school when all of those things are up.

The Charis activity center has a food court, hang-out spots, and new classrooms. I’m really excited about the athletic center where they are putting a gym, hockey rink, running track, baseball, soccer field, pickle ball, tennis court, Fooseball table, pool table, bowling, and more!

I want to go to school when all of those things are there!

the measure

I will go to school when God wants me to go to school, but I’m not going to go any earlier too.

We can get things done over here while I wait for and support the construction process.

I do remember that God told me next time I start school, I will be able to pay not only for myself but for someone else too.

So that’s a good measuring stick. If going to school would be tight, then it’s not right. For me, that is. Everyone’s walk is very different.


the inbetween

Will I have people think that I’m never going back? 

Probably, but that’s their problem.

I’m going to do things in God’s timing.

If that means going before the activity and athletic center is finished, then I will go, and if it means going when it’s finished, then I will wait. There is no lack of things to do in between.


In His Service,



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