Alright, I am doing a quick update today since I’m running a little late.

I have been sleeping in lately but I’m getting back on track with waking up early and going to sleep on time.

Last night I was in bed on time but I ended up praying in tongues for an hour which I’m glad for, but also didn’t use as an excuse to sleep in.

Immediately upon waking I took a pure-boost and got to reading my Bible.

Today went really well I just need to take a shower because I stink from my workout, but I’m running late so I don’t want to.


I followed an art with flo tutorial and drew some pancakes then I did the same thing after without the guide.

It has helped to use my active recall.

Last night I made a list of all the free learning resources that are available to learn digital marketing and it’s a little overwhelming how much there is.

I made a list of how I want to go about the courses and academies. I am going to learn animation once I get to a certain point in my digital art skills.

I would like to learn from flo for another two months at least then expand into animal anatomy for a bit then perspective, and after that I’ll put my foot into human anatomy one part at a time.

It may take over a year to get my people drawings looking decent, but I need to keep it simple for the most part and stick with the basics.

If I’m going to create stories I will need to be able to draw a lot in a short amount of time. 

No Plot

Speaking of stories I believe God has given me a million-dollar idea, but I have to learn how to craft a good story from beginning to end.

One of my roadblocks in that area is I don’t know how to finish a story and that leaves it without a plot.

I have to start at the basics there too and to be honest, I need a better grasp of English.


There are some classes on storytelling and writing novels in Skillshare I bookmarked, so I think I want to write a few children’s books to learn how to keep things simple and to encourage myself by finishing something.

A huge problem with any of my novel attempts is that I make it so complicated I overwhelm myself and give up, but I didn’t even learn how to write or tell stories I just assumed you type whatever comes to your head and you have a story, No education is important in everything.

In writing a book, starting a business, or going into ministry you need to learn how it’s done and not just assume you can do it or figure it out as you go along.

Fake till you make it is not smart. 


In His Service



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