The Joy of it all

  Hello loves!

I had work today at Chick-fil-A and my feet are healing. This morning I went to grab Jess’s bike and there was a flat.

Thankfully Mrs. Linda offered her bike before so I went to quickly get her bike and rush over to work, but it was not easy to move that bike.

I felt like I was pushing twice as hard and going half the speed! I

t was not pleasant but my legs got a great workout.

I didn’t get a break today so I worked five and a half hours without sitting down. That might not seem like much but sadly I’m used to sitting and my feet aren’t thanking me for it right now.

I am thankful that I’m getting up and moving around more. I’m really happy about working at Chick-fil-A though!

It’s giving me things I’ve really needed for years!!

I’m getting experience around people, and I’m learning the job and that is making me happy.

I’m gaining confidence and finding my voice.

Some of my coworkers think I’m sixteen because of how I talk. It’s just fear of man and working is shaking it off.

I keep telling myself to shake it off and speak up.

I’m so excited to see how much progress I have made in just a few days and I love love love working!!

It will be even more fun when the rides are easier. 

Just as I expected I’m more productive with my work at home when I work out of the house in the morning.

I also sleep better and of course, don’t give myself half the excuses for sleeping in.

not audible

I learned something interesting today. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, but I finally made up my mind about it. I don’t learn very well through audio.

I learn best hands-on and yes it was fear that was holding me back from a job. It was fear of man.

I have to put myself in uncomfortable circumstances to grow. Growth doesn’t always feel good in fact it will hurt sometimes, but we have to do it.

It wasn’t till after a few days of Chick-fil-a that I feel like I could actually get on board with Facebook live. 


Tobias and Christina was trying to convince me that Juice+ is a scam and they definitely got my wheels turning.

I started wondering if it could be true until I remembered that I feel results with Juice+ and honestly that’s proof enough for me.

I don’t feel results with just anything so I have to assume Juice+ is doing something right. Also, the video Tobias sent me said they were the Illuminati and said they can’t believe why any doctor would support not taking vaccines because all the claims of them being bad are easily proven false. Yeah… sure.

I think I’ll stick with fruits and vegetables. I also love the Tower Garden part of Juice+ and hope to get a few in the future.


I don’t know if I updated you on my hands. I shared with my friend about faith and how I believe in healing.

I also shared my testimonies and what I saw and didn’t yet see healed yet. One of the things I’ve seen healed is my hands. They used to break out really bad and get super itchy.

They would itch so bad I would itch till they bled, but that wasn’t so hard because they would get so dry and thin it would be hard to use them without breaking the skin.

I am healed completely from that and I shared with Elisha.

Well, the very next day that would be yesterday morning my hands blew up and if you ever saw anything go from normal to look like Moses just pulled his hand out of his coat that would be how my hand looked that morning.

I know what’s happening.

This isn’t the first time I gave my testimony and saw a reappearance of the noted symptom.

I rebuked the symptom and spoke healing over it, but it has just gotten worse since yesterday.

Yesterday I was putting lotion on it because it felt like I couldn’t bend it without it, but today I’m not going to bend over backward for this.

Yeah, it feels like I’m tearing my fingers to bend them without lotion but this needs to leave. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I posted on Tiktok & my podcast about it and I’ll update you here and there. 


In His Service,



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