Hello Loves,

I don’t know what the next chapter holds but I know it’s good because I know the author.

I also know what I need to continue to focus on however it all lands. I’d say the largest focus after cultivating my relationship with God is learning how to draw.

I remember yesterday I was finishing up my tasks on Canva for the day and I got a little distracted by these colorful boxes near the top of the window.

Canva had released some new features and they had them covered up one by one like little gifts.

I started tapping them to reveal the features and most of them were AI-based.

A few features I have been waiting a while for like the translation tool and magic eraser, but one that I’ve been hearing about really caught my attention. 


They had a form you could fill out and press create and AI takes the words and style you have chosen and creates an image.

I know since I’ve been getting myself into the art community this is something artists are going crazy about in a not-so-good way.

There are tons of videos online titled “AI the death of art.”

It can make people second guess even getting into the medium at all, but I know that no AI can create the pictures God has put into my head & heart nor tell the stories I need to tell with them.

Also, AI just steals real people’s art from the internet and recreates something by putting different images together.

Sometimes not even that.

AI art may just take an image and put a watercolor filter on it and wala you have a watercolor painting.


 I’m not saying AI won’t get scary accurate because it kinda already is, but they won’t ever replace humans completely.

AI will continue taking over the little jobs and we have to become skilled in our profession. This isn’t an option anymore.

Keep learning.

Keep growing.

Don’t stay at a job level you know could easily be taken over by AI soon. 


Anyway, that was my AI rant what I know is that AI can’t do what I’m called to do, so I still have to learn how to draw and become really good at it.

This last week I have been really enjoying the learning process because I decided not to push the pen and ink method but embrace the digital process.

When I become good digitally I can play around with the traditional method, but I already know I’m going to need to go digital for my work so why make it harder than it has to be? It certainly is 100% easier for me and gives me loads more motivation because I enjoy it. 

the inside

Last night I spent some time with Abba and He reminded me of His promises and what I was working towards.

I’m not trying to learn the skills to run a huge corporation right now.

I want to keep Emmie small and simple and grow it slowly.

When the time is right I would like to work for a large corporation to see how the clock works from the inside.

I also strongly believe in being an employee before you are an employer, so I have to keep the business at a place where me, AI, and probably a few freelancers can keep everything running until God says it’s time to expand.

Two Years

 When we start to expand it will be a snowball effect it will continue growing and accelerating until it’s bigger than any of us can imagine. Am I ready for that? Absolutely not.

In these two short years I have come from a place of “IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!!” to “let me have time to grow. It’s okay if it takes twenty, or thirty years I am not going to promote myself it’s at God’s word; His timing.” That brings me peace. And I don’t care what others think.


In His Service,



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