no looking

Feelings, emotions… they can be annoying or outright torment. 

Right now, they are annoying.

 I am so thankful for a God I lay all my cares upon. I

t’s a week until I move, and I thought by this time I should be looking for a place, but every time I move toward it, I feel strongly that it’s the wrong thing to do and that feeling grows if I try to push past it and do it anyway I start to panic. 

It’s the same way I felt when God told me not to get another job.

I am not sure what He’s up to this time, but it seems He doesn’t want me looking even now. 

I know He wants me in Woodland Park, so I will go out of obedience no matter what it looks like. 

Really it is exciting.


 I sold the extra mill last week, and tomorrow, I have someone looking at Tina’s DIY kitchenette. 

I want to keep my desk now, though; before I was hard set on selling or giving it away, so I think it’s God who changed my heart. 

Nevertheless, He has to open doors for me to move it, or I’m leaving the desk. 

If it is Him, then the doors will open if they don’t, I won’t worry about it; I didn’t even want the desk two weeks ago. 😂


I see so much potential in the business. 

There is so much to learn, and I feel like I need at least three more of these months where I am focused on the mission, but that’s in God’s hands. 

I do what He tells me to do when He tells me to do it. 

He gave me time for the business, and though it needs more work (a lot), if He says break, I’ll break.


The first five months I was in Colorado, I took a break. A lot of the things I did in the sixth and seventh months in Colorado I had to redo after God changed my heart and vision for the business. 

It’s much better now, but it shows that if the Lord doesn’t build the house, the builders build in vain.

 It all burns up and comes to nothing in the end. I’m glad I only had no more than eight months burn up, but I still learned a lot, so not all is lost. 

Really nothing worth keeping was lost. It’s all better now. 

I’m just saying the sooner we surrender all to the Lord, the better. 

He is my Daddy. 

He is going to take care of me. 

He’s holding on to me, and He will never let go. 

I love Him; He loves me, and I am thankful I get to spend my life with Him.


He gave me an idea today to make a version of the scripture cards in the first person. I need to finish putting together the originals, then I can create the next version, but I love that idea.

 The scripture cards are dear to me because they brought me through many tough spots.

 His Words are like honey on my lips. In His law do I delight. His ways are my meditation in the night watches.


His yoke is easy; His burden is light, and I have found rest in Him.


In HIS service,



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