Hi Abba

I don’t feel like typing anything today. I just want to pray, so, I’m going to talk with God.

Hi Abba, I love you very much. Today was really nice. I didn’t make huge leaps of progress, but I made progress, and that’s all you ask me to do. I know I’m on the right path, and you will take care of everything out of my hands. Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes off the waves. When I woke up, I didn’t want to stop sleeping, so I went back to sleep because I only had four hours. I know I asked for my hours to be multiplied, and I believe you did it. I wasn’t exactly tired when I woke up, but I went to sleep anyway. I apologize. I know I can do better with your grace and my will. I need to discipline myself to go to bed on time rather than forcing myself to run on less sleep. Thank you for teaching me that being disciplined is essential for walking out my calling and initiating grace.


Help me lay aside every weight and sin that easily afflicts me, and help me run with patience, fly with endurance the race set before me—looking to Jesus, the author, and finisher of my faith. Teach how to study and meditate on the Word so that I get the revelation, and it’s not just secondhand knowledge. You know I have struggled with communication, so I’m not going to think about what is needed for me to teach others, but I place everything into Your hands. I put my heart, mind, and devotion into your hands to mold them into how You know they should look. You equip who you called. I’m not going to worry myself about what You say is in my future. You open doors. You make the impossible possible, and my trying makes a mess. I will take the steps you say to take. 

eyes on Jesus

So I didn’t want to stop sleeping, but when I made myself after exercises, I started to study for Emmie, and I didn’t want to stop that, but after getting into Juice+, I didn’t want to stop that either. I enjoyed every part of my day, and I have such high expectations for the future. I know the most important part of my day is studying the Word and continuing to meditate on it throughout the day. The one thing I missed today was planning. We will get that knocked out tomorrow. I love accomplishing things. It’s a passion. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. Oh how I love you Abba! Another great day tomorrow! Oh and Arielle is graduating! I wanted to be there, but You told me to give it to You. I thought that meant You would make way for me to go like church last Saturday, but instead, You showed me the root cause of my desire. I was taking Arielle’s happiness into my hands. I felt like my responsibility was to make my family not feel abandoned. Her family may not be there for her graduation, but God will be. God is more than enough. It’s not my responsibility to help everyone or make everyone feel good. It’s my responsibility and moral obligation to keep my eyes on Jesus and walk in the direction He told me to go without being distracted by what the world will project my way. Lay aside every weight.

next season

Lord, I love you! My hope, defender, and strength; my God whom I trust.


So Abba, a bit off-topic… earlier today, I was thinking about where we will be in September. If we are going to be doing a lot of creative work in that season, I would like a studio for it with a lot of light. I would also like to stay in one place for at least a year; two would be nice, but I want an open space, a place of solitude. Where it’s just you and me, but I can still have guests. I want to host some parties with my friends. Thank you, Abba. Let’s read Ashlee’s book. Give me wisdom and understanding from it.♥️

In His Service,