I feel like a failure today—the day right after I had a fantastic day. I hit almost every goal. I was rocking it yesterday.

But, today I got nothing done.


I don’t understand it, but I’m not going backward, and I will not accept this self-pity calling my name.

Jesus, I need your help every day. Please help me be strong and very courageous.

You lift me, Abba; you give me wings.

Every day is a unique and beautiful adventure. Let me put my hand in Yours.

I don’t want to run into anyone else’s arms. You are my Strong Tower.

I want my heart to beat in symphony with Yours.

Without You, nothing is worth it. Help me look honestly at myself and not hide anything from You or me. Steer me away from self-deception. Open my eyes and ears more every day.

Place your hand on my back, so I do not slide. Train me in the hidden things in Your Word. Your love gives me strength.

Thank You for seeing the best in me and never giving up. Your faithfulness throughout my life gives me hope and strong confidence for the future. 


Lovely, stand up for yourself. You can ask how to decline politely, but you have to weigh the situation with the goal. Remember the race. The things you think need to be balanced aren’t necessary—eyes on the prize. Lay aside every weight. Let go of everything that may throw you off balance. Keep with the one vision. Don’t be divided. When you have off days, run to me. You know the truth but aren’t grounded yet. Prayer is your answer.

In His service,