Last night I asked the Lord to wake me up when I had enough sleep, and I woke up at around 4:22 am.

I rocked this morning and accomplished a lot. I was able to stay awake and take on the day because I knew I received enough sleep. I didn’t have to count the hours or gauge how I felt I knew I received enough sleep and I have felt more energized than I have felt in a while and I believe it’s because I didn’t doubt whether or not I needed more sleep.

That is 100% my strategy from now on. I’m not setting my alarm I’m allowing the Lord to wake me up at the right time and I can be confident I received the sleep I needed for the day.


Yesterday I did some praying and examined my productivity.

I realized it was extremely low compared to the standard I desired. I believe there are four major things that are slowing down my growth.

One is distractions, two is the fear of man, three is procrastination and four is perfectionism.

the enemy

The top two would be distractions and the fear of man because the following two I think could fit into the second.

I am working out the fear of man and I would suggest a book by author John Bevere called “Breaking Intimidation” which was absolutely amazing for this issue. 


Distraction is an enemy I have never truly addressed before since I didn’t realize what a threat it was until recently.

But this is literally what has stolen almost all my time these past two years. I could 100x my productivity if I master this pest.


I learned a little trick from Jim Kwick a learning expert to keep a notepad by you while you study so that when thoughts try to pull you away from the task at hand you can write the thought down and have a time set each day to go over the things you wrote so you know you will get to them later and you can let it go now.


This is absolutely brilliant.


I grabbed one of my empty notebooks and wrote at the top “distraction book” in big black lettering.

Then I wrote down all the things that were floating around my brain and created a schedule that included a time to review my distraction book.

That is a time to decide if that distraction is worth my pursuit. When I started writing things down it looked very much like a to-do list, and I think that’s okay.

As long as I have it on paper and a scheduled time to circle back to it then I can keep focused on what’s important at the moment.


Last night I also had a breakthrough in my drawing education.

I finally sat down and went through an entire tutorial creating a cute geometric landscape.

The finished piece made me so happy it gave me so much motivation to put priority on learning this skill. Before I was just making lines and circles and hating it so much that I would easily let anything distract me from the task.

I have made a decision to focus on iPad drawing and then move into the pen-to-paper method when I am comfortable with the tablet.


Okay, loves gotta go! Be blessed!


In His Service, Abbie


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