Today was the day the volunteers gathered together and got organized for Mario Murillo’s tent crusade.

I am helping with merchandise which is a part they were low on volunteers for, which was surprising considering the number of people that showed up to volunteer overall. I’m guessing around 2,000 came to serve.

We received our lanyards and were briefed on the plan. Then we worshiped, and Mario spoke a word to us, thanking and preparing us for the revival.


After I came home, I made myself dinner and was going to get a book and read, but the Lord told me to put it down and “be still, and know I’m God.”

I didn’t completely understand. He told me, “no music, no thinking about what you need to do, just rest with Me.”

I was so squirmish. He told me I have been running.

I thought I was running to Him, but I’m not sure. I’ve been in works.

I’ve been trying to think it all out. Trying to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes others do.

God was showing me that there is always plenty of people who can work at things harder, faster, and more efficiently than me.

I needed to give it up.

I’m not the provider here.

I’m not the one who is going to make things work out.

My job is to have a relationship with Him.

don’t perish

 I’ve been reading and studying and trying to microwave the relationship essentially.


Because I am desperate to succeed.

I don’t want to fail.

The scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” I don’t want to perish.

So I’m ensuring I get all the knowledge I can so this perishing never happens to me.

Books aren’t going to create a relationship.

I must spend quality time with Him and be at peace in His presence.

As long as I feel uneasy about not having something to listen to, watch, or read, I am on the hamster wheel without knowing it.

I have to put my everything into Him, and it is essential to be able to hear Him.

Even powerful godly messages can be noise blocking out the voice of God, and out of fear of losing time, we keep running.



In His service,



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