Action with Compassion

chose joy

I had a really great day today. Why? Because I chose joy. I chose to let the worries fall to the side and rejoice in the Lord. I didn’t do anything special today, but I was happy. I know it’s not that hard, but fear makes what God asks us to do impossible. So don’t look at the problems. They are irrelevant. They may seem essential, but in sooth, they are extrinsic.

I love walking with Jesus. He gives me so much joy. I talked to a very dear friend today, right before church. She shared with me what God was speaking to her. She deepened her relationship with her Abba, lover, friend, and Savior. Her love for Him was pouring out.

She couldn’t keep from talking about what she had experienced. It was fire shut up in her bones, and it was a relief for her to let it out. She has a confidence that shines in her. She isn’t afraid to face whatever God has for her. There are big things in her future.

Even the things that look little will make a big difference when she touches them, like Joseph in Egypt, whatever her hand touches will prosper. As long as she continues to press into the vine, there will be a supernatural increase in every area of her life. Amen.


 Freedom Church was great tonight. Tessa was waving a beautiful flag, and I was drawn to it. I felt for the first time a strong desire to have one. After service, I asked Tessa where I could find one, and she said they ordered multiple, and they were available for anyone to use. Blessings galore! I get a flag next Saturday!

Sarah Grace gave a fantastic service tonight. She spoke on love. Here are my notes…


God is love, and we are created in His image. Love one another fervently. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

Is love our heart motivation?

Are we seeing people the way God sees them?

Is love is our highest motivation.

If you see someone you love in pain, you act much differently than when you don’t love.

God spent His whole ministry here on earth healing people because He loved people.💛 


The Lord loves us. He wants to show us His love inside and out in every way.

You can invite His presence any time, and He is right there.

He is always ready.

He’s just waiting for us to open our eyes in the morning.

He can not hold back from our affection.

He is with us always; you cannot tell with your emotions.

It all starts with intimacy with God.

see it in the Word

We love because He first loves us.

We have to know His love for us.

To see His power working through us, we must understand how much He loves us.

You can ask Him to show you how much He loves you, but you can see it in the Word. It is His love letter to us.

See it in the Word


“and went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him.”

Luke 10:34

action with compassion

He took action with compassion. He gave from his resources.

He saw him

He took action

He made a sacrifice

Moved with compassion.

Compassion means to suffer with.

Compassion will always move you to do something. There is no such thing as compassion without action. 

It’s not all about seeing people healed or seeing amazing miracles. Are you willing to take your resources and make a difference? 

See people

Have compassion

Do something about it; sacrifice your own

What if I were in their shoes?


“Nathanael saith unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus answered and said unto him, Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee.”

John 1:48


Why did it cause that response in Nathaniel?


Because everyone wants to be seen.


Know no man after the flesh.


If you are having a hard time loving people ask God, “what did you see in this person before the foundations of the world? Who did You see them as when You died for them?”


We need to be in Unity as the body of Christ.


Predetermine in your heart to love people. 


Love is across the board. 


In order to love people consistently, it’s going to take a lot of sacrifices. If you don’t have to put forth any effort, what kind of love is that? Are we allowing people to interrupt our schedule? Are we displaying to the world as a witness our love and Unity with each other? 


Next time you are with the Lord, ask Him, “am I doing this?” If you have to cultivate your love with God, first give God your time to do so. It starts with us.


Signs and wonders will follow those who believe.❤️‍🔥


Blessings all! Press into God.

In His Service,