Hey everyone!

It’s raining outside right now. It started pouring down with fury as soon as I got back home from my bike ride from work! I’m so excited about everything!!

I have so much I want to do and not enough time in the day but have so much more enthusiasm and a go-getter mentality with this job I couldn’t give that up.

I love my job and Ms, Melinda said I was doing amazing!! I love getting recognition when I put my all in. I didn’t get that at home so this may be the first time…


Anyway, I’m happy with my job and I feel like I can do so much more now.

The sky is the limit! I want to start promoting Juice+ on Facebook and my goal is to sell enough to where I can get Arielle, Caleb, Christina, Jessica, Joseph, and Mom on it for half price me covering the other 50% with my earnings and getting each of the little ones on the gummies with the sponsorship program.

I also want to get enough to cover my own gummies, some shakes, the bars, and then a tower garden!! Hopefully, Mrs. Linda and Mr. Russel will allow me to have the tower in the patio.

From there the sky is the limit again, but I’ll start with the goal of getting my family on Juice+.

Christina and Tobias feel pretty certain that it’s not what it says it is so if they hold to that I won’t be able to get them on the product and I’ll lose two sponsors for the kids but if everyone else is on board I’ll have Hannah, Kitty, Flint, Faith, Grace & maybe Gabriel covered. I will work on covering Danielle & David myself if we come to that.

I will fly

I’m going, to be honest here.

I’ve been looking into going into the air force.

I have come to fully embrace the truth that it is going to take time for the dreams to come and I have time to do things in between now and success.

Taking a job was absolutely a turn in the right direction in my life and it’s making me want to do more of the things I used to think I wouldn’t do like get my black belt, get a bachelors and join the air force.

I don’t know when I’ll meet my husband and I don’t want to be in the military when I have children, but being a veteran sounds really nice to me and the air force is beginning to sound more and more appealing.

My eyesight is far from the requirements to pilot right now, but my God is my healer and I want to fly.

I want to be a pilot. If that can be done through the Air Force I’d like to pursue it. If not I will have to go to flight school and get instrument rated. Either way, I will fly.

tzit tzit

I’m going to do some research on what it takes to become a pilot in the AirForce and go from there, but right now I’m looking at trying a tzit tzit project I feel I can get behind to practice my photography, videography, editing skills, and social media skills.

I also will be making something with my hands and packing it really pretty, so I’m really excited about it.

I’ll make to order and only take a few orders at a time. I will make Tzit tzit sets probably around $32.99 and a tzit tzit bracelet around $12.99.

I do hope it will sell but I’m not married to it if it doesn’t I just want to go at it with all my heart.

I think I’ll order some brand stickers and maybe a stack of cards as well.


I purchased a beauty of a bike today.

It’s frame is a normal cruiser, but it’s in good condition and it’s red.

It’s red!!

I love it!

I put some stickers on it and gave it a comfy seat so all it’s missing is a cup and phone holder. It already has a basket.

I found it for $60 on the Facebook marketplace and the guy delivered it to me for no extra cost. Apparently, He is about two minutes away! I’m so happy with it!

Tomorrow I’ll be going to NC and I’m pretty excited about it.

I haven’t seen Dad in almost two years so I’m not sure how it will all turn out.

We’ve talked over the phone so it’s not like we went without any communication but I still haven’t seen him and my tradition was always to hug him when I saw him and before we left and I want to continue that but I don’t know how he’ll take it.

My hands were feeling absolutely awful today, but they are doing better now.

They are oppressively dry and cracking but it’s not really inflamed, itchy, or covered in the signature bumps that remind me of ant bites.

I am speaking the truth over them and demanding restoration because it looks like this thing is killing my hands so I’m telling it “You will not steal from my hands! You will restore everything in Jesus name!”

I will not be left with the scars of this.

It can’t just swing by tear up my hands and swing out.

God’s Salvation through Christ has given me access to complete healing and wholeness.

Talk later!


In His Service,



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