keys to success

I have to let go of my addiction to binging everything. 

I take life in as if it were a series of sprints, with breaks in between. 

I would go! Go! Go! Burn out, crash, then go! Go! Go! Again. I feel like I’m not going anywhere, and the only way to go anywhere is to RUN!

All the while, walking is the fastest and most enjoyable way to get to the goal. 

Just walk. 

Slow and steady does win the race.

I used to see that as a silly story and didn’t agree; now I see the wisdom.

Routine & consistency is a critical keys to success.


Some things need to be non-negotiable. We do them every day.

  1. Pray
  2. Bible
  3. Declarations
  4. Read
  5. Practice Drawing
  6. Exercise
  7. Post on SM
  8. Journal

I just told Nicole I would take a break from volunteering with the kid’s church after February. 

The Lord told me it was time. 

I felt like I wasn’t even going to church anymore, and volunteering wasn’t a joy anymore; it became stressful. 

The last time I volunteered, I was practically waiting for church to be over when I wanted so much to be in service. 

It is time to take a break and get back to church. 

The volunteers there are not jumping up and down to get to know me, and it is hard to carry on a conversation with them. 

The kids are much more fun than the volunteers. 

That’s always been the case, though. 

I bet 98% of teens and adults are depressed. Sad, I know, but I don’t exactly want to hang out with depressed people. They aren’t fun, and it’s labor to converse with them. 

Kids are so much happier and more fun. They are open to you when you come to talk because they look up to you and want someone to recognize them out of the crowd. Making a child feel special is easy, and I love doing it.


On another note, I was thinking about business today.

I was thinking about how POD worked and how I couldn’t sneak around the employment taxes.

I have to run my business with the highest standards, no cutting corners.

I could help my sibling start a kind of POD business for Emerald Promise or a branch of Emerald Promise.

It would be an easy way to get them started in the business. I might make a deal where I get 5-20% of the profits and help them start up with coaching and capital.

They would create, store, and ship products I would sell in my shops. They can learn one side of business without being overwhelmed with the other side when just starting.

Then, I can also show them how to set up their own shop when they grow. 


This way, we can all work together while everyone has their separate businesses, and I don’t have to hire, manage, and pay taxes for a hundred employees.

However, I do want Jessica to be my employee. I feel like she would be the best employee, and I love love love cuddling with her! 


Everyone else would probably like to do business, especially if there is someone to hold their hand along the way.


In His service,



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