Stepping Out

be willing

Giving God the time it takes to renew my mind and transform me into the image of His son is something I wasn’t willing to do just a few weeks ago. I wasn’t okay with the idea of starting the children’s home when I’m 70. I wanted to go from 20 to a thousand miles an hour. I had the desire to do the work, but that would have destroyed me. God isn’t looking to use me. He’s looking to go on a journey. He wants to walk up a path where He guides me in love every step of the way.

my everything

God is infinite; there is so much to learn about Him. He is my strength, so the more time I spend with Him, the stronger I am to take on the rest of my day; the more productive I will be with every other activity. With joy, I can overcome anything life throws at me. I can release my cares into His strong arms and rest.

Let it go

Peace is so beautiful, and stress is so damaging. If He tells me, the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. I’m going to spend time with Jesus, the prince of peace. He is my everything. I want to let go and not care about what the outcome may look like at the moment. Just take one step at a time. I don’t care if it seems like it won’t work. If it looked like it would work, it wouldn’t be walking by faith; but by sight. We have to understand what that scripture means and what it all entails. When we walk where God says to walk, It will look like walking on water or off the cliff’s edge, but we should ignore the carnal natural reality and keep our eyes on Jesus.

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