I’m coming to an understanding that I’m called to the ministry, and honestly, it’s making me a bit emotional. I always thought I would be a businesswoman who builds empires and saves thousands of children. I didn’t have any plans for ministry. None. Oh, God. Can I be the first to say I’m not qualified?

let go

I remember who I was and where He brought me.

I don’t love His children the way I should. I don’t care enough.

I was focused on production, momentum, and money. I’m not talking about five years ago; I’m talking about yesterday and, if I’m being frank… today.

I like to see the ground under my feet and understand what the future looks like, but I can’t.

When you completely release your life to God, you let go of what the journey looks like and the destination.

You have to be okay with saying I was wrong. I’m still learning, and I got it wrong. Guys, I got it wrong.

I was wrong.


cast your cares on Him because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7


I took the sentence I heard God say and made a paragraph.

My heart aches thinking about it. I still make this mistake, and I don’t think it will ever wholly end on this side of eternity, but I need to stop proclaiming what will happen in my life to the people I meet (thus saith the Lord).

Nevertheless, I can’t let what I said in my past keep me from going down the path God wants me to.

About a year ago, I concluded I needed a vehicle, so I decided to choose one and believe for it.

I knew the four-wheel drive would be a good idea in Colorado, so I picked a Jeep and was very specific with the model, year, color, etc. After I thought God confirmed that I would get that through random “signs.”

I told everyone God was giving me a yellow Jeep.

I believed I was getting that yellow Jeep, but God gave me a Nissan X-terra. After a while, I decided I didn’t want a Jeep; I wanted a small car. But because I thought God said He would get me a Jeep, and I told everyone God was getting me a Jeep, I felt stuck with a Jeep.

Fear of failure, fear of judgment, and fear of rejection will keep you stuck.


Growth always comes with mistakes. You are going to miss it, and that’s okay.

Being honest with God and yourself and not caring about the judgment of others will bring freedom.

The best answer to fear is action. Don’t be stagnant.

God called us to be fruitful.

There are times when it feels like we are going backward.

Trust God.

He knows if we need to back out of the wrong road to get on the right one.

no one like Jesus

If the foundation isn’t Christ, the building won’t stand.

God is really saving you heartache to bring you back to the foundations before He lets you build. I feel like that’s what He’s doing with me now.

I said, “this is all for God.” That wasn’t true.

I fooled myself, though; I’m good at that.

The greatest thing I am constantly grateful for is God’s faithfulness.

I thank God He never leaves me; He sticks with me.

No one does that.

He loves me, and I will go beyond what I think I can do for Him because He deeply loves me. No one is like Jesus. 

In His service,



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