Time with the Lord changes people more than anything else.

Genuine conversation, listening, pouring out your heart, diving into His Word, and keeping it on your heart and tongue.

I have recently heard praying in tongues referred to as the umbilical cord to the spirit.

I have been praying in tongues more lately and living more aware of His presence and my desire to be around HIm has only grown. 


If we truly put Him first many of our problems will show themselves to be what they are, vain; meaningless.

I kind of get upset when the kids are pulling me to deal with their petty issues that they are creating for themselves and expect me to take their side.

They need the Word to transform them. I can’t be distracted by the rest.

familiar pain

I have had a constant headache and I feel the all-too-familiar pain in my jaw that comes with stress.

But I’ve also been fired up with spending time with God.

I have to release the kids and my mother to the Lord and just serve.

Don’t try to get justice or revenge or control anything.

I should exude the love of the Father to these children.

I haven’t been lately.

I have been making their issues my issues and my heart breaks for them I am astonished at the dishonor and disrespect in the household. It’s been a lot this week alone.

Him alone

Last night I got them together to clean up the house then I had to address the flagrant lying that has been going around.

Then I went and prayed till midnight. I was very tired this morning when I woke up at 4 am.

My eyes hurt but I prayed and did some math.

I saw a message from work saying they had some water pressure issues and won’t be opening up till 10:20 so I went back to sleep.

It was hard to wake up at nine but I got up and got ready for work.

I’ve been reading a book from a missionary that translated learned and created a written version of the Falopan language. This man and his family have it much harder than I do.

I have no reason to complain I am really quite blessed.

God cares for me because I am His own. I am tired and need to pull my strength from Him and Him alone.  


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