I have about a week till May so the clock is counting down till I return to Florida.

I went to Charis Worship today and saw Jordan singing along side Daniel Amstutz in worship.

She is graduating her third year. She had financial issues as I did but she chose to stick it out and she made it through. It made me wonder if I made the right decision.

I could have been a third year Charis grad right now, but I’m not. That could definitely lead to condemnation, but at the same time I am glad I still have those years of school ahead of me.

I didn’t appreciate second year the way I would now, and I want to truly enjoy my time in Charis. I grew closer to the Lord these two years.

I have been trusting and relying on Him for my provision and trusting Him to guide me in the right direction.


I am not lazy, but I can get too comfortable. I love studying the word, but I also get scared of slowly drifting away as I start to focus on other things.

I need to learn how to bring other things into my relationship with God. I need to merge them together because I don’t want to ever leave His presence and meditate on His Word.

Of course, He never leaves us nor forsakes us I just mean that I want to be continually aware of His presence and grandeur.

one for all

I have been away from business affairs too long now, and I must do something about it, but I don’t want to do any less with the Lord because I have other responsibilities. That may sound odd, but I’m asking the Lord how to do that.

My number one is Jesus and His dream which is saving the lost.

My business can go down as far as I can if it doesn’t fit into that plan. Thankfully it does in more ways than one.

The business was God’s idea, so it won’t go down.

Nevertheless, even good things can get in the way of a relationship with Abba.


I gave my nice laptop away last year to Air and I am regretting it. I thought I heard the Lord say to give it to her, but I wonder if I got the laptops switched up and I was supposed to give my other laptop. She isn’t doing anything close to heavy duty on it and I am going to need to do heavy-duty things and the laptop I have can’t handle that too well. Anyway. I think I will ask Air about it tomorrow. I kinda feel bad about asking to switch, but I think I’ll regret not doing it. I will make sure she knows I am good with her response either way. If she wants the nicer one keep it, but it’s only nicer in that it can do more heavy-duty work. Lord guide Thank you.


In His Service,



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