I didn’t understand why Abba wanted me to journal every day and turn it into a blog post. And I haven’t been the best at following those instructions, but I do well enough that I have a good amount of posts. 

I slowed down dramatically when my site went under, and I had to redo the entire thing. All my posts were deleted, but the content was saved on my Google Docs account. Thank God!


It is taking a while to repost the entries, so I have been hesitant to make any new ones and pile on my work. Oh well. I need to make one new blog a day and post three. That way, I will catch up eventually. God told me before to do something like that, and I didn’t do it. I’m sorry, Lord. I know I would be caught up by now if I did because that was like five months ago, so I could have had almost two hundred blogs posted, and I don’t even have that many. 


Anyway, it all clicked today.


I finally understand how my blogs play a part in SEO and how they can boost my shop even if nobody ever reads my posts!


Okay, so little google bots are going around visiting every site on the web, and not just every site, but every page on every site. It doesn’t really matter how many pages I have on my site, so more posts aren’t necessarily going to help me rank higher, but the more pages/posts I have, the more backlinks I can use. 


A backlink is what makes the difference in SEO. Backlinking is simply linking to other pages on your page, and that link you used doesn’t boost the blog you are currently posting, but it boosts the page you link to. The more links a page gets, the more it gets a boost in the algorithm. 


So at the end of each of my blogs, I can say, “Check out some of our merch here…” Then link four or five of my products and link to my main page. This way, I am boosting specific products and giving my shop’s home a boost with every blog I post. 


This is really simple, and I have never heard anyone explain it quite this way or at least help me understand by telling me how to practically apply it, but the learning and observation I made in the prior months all came together. 

This was the Lord, of course, showing me the next step I needed to take in SEO. From now on, with my blogs, I will be adding backlinking, and it is a comfort to know that it is making a difference. 

Even if no one reads them.😆

I love you, Abba!


In His Service,


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