Don’t talk; just walk

out of the nest

I am moving back to Woodland Park in less than two months, and like the times before, I don’t know where.

I have the same message as last time “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” Cast your cares on Me, for I care for you.”

I feel like I’m being thrown out of the nest repeatedly and intentionally so I can learn how to fly.

I want to pass this because I don’t want to continue to move every six months. I want to settle somewhere for at least a year to focus on learning what He has put into my hands.

Yeah, I should be able to focus even though it looks like destruction ahead again, but that’s not usually how I act.

I know I’m getting better at having peace amid the storm, and it’s nice to see where you’re progressing, but I see more of what I don’t know, which is good


 I will stay humble enough to learn if I can see what I don’t know.

I need to stretch myself and give God a complete yes in my life before He asks I resolve it to be a yes.

I was praying in the Spirit before bed and meditating on the journey since I left home. August will mark a whole year since I obeyed God and stepped out of the nest for the first time.

A flight across the country.

My God has directed my steps and has provided for me despite going without a good-paying job save a month and a half.

just walk

 I feel that I have a thick skull and a large mouth. Neither did I realize I had before moving up here.

God has been trying to convey the message to me to keep things He is disclosing to me hidden in my heart.

When I first left Florida, our housing plans fell through, but I knew we were supposed to go, so we went but didn’t tell mom or dad since they didn’t hear that word from God and may try to prevent our walk of faith.

That was a wise choice I need to carry with me because this faith walk has just begun. What God has told me is for me to carry out.

No one else need know. No one else will understand, no matter how convincing I sound or how much I believe in it.

They didn’t hear, so the people who care about you are the ones who will try to stop you for your protection.

Don’t talk, just walk.

a similar principle when you believe in a healing. Don’t just talk to anyone about it because they will speak doubt and unbelief in your life, and you will have unnecessary battles. 


Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee

Psalm 119:11

And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart

Deuteronomy 6:6

In His service,



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