Yesterday was the fourth and final night of Mario Murillo’s tent crusade. I was serving as a volunteer and helped at the merch table. I had a lot of fun and met new people. 


Yesterday was full of surprises.

I was contacted through for a job opportunity. I am not looking for a job, so I haven’t been checking, but occasionally, when I clear out my email, I see someone messaged me (I am usually a week or two late). So I log into my account and respond to them, apologizing or hoping they find the right match. This one was different. I didn’t know when I read the message, but I hit the email right after he sent the message, so after I prayed and felt peace about it, I was probably the first to respond to his request. This was his message…


“Hello! We are looking for a nanny ASAP to care for our seven month old son, from possibly July 18 (our current nanny is nine months pregnant, the start date is depending when she has her baby) until Aug. 18.

We are looking to pay $20/hr from 7:45am until 6pm Mon-Thurs (about $800/wk). Duties would include nanny first, but when the baby is sleeping, doing the dishes and laundry, and vacuuming the house once a week.

We do have two pets, one cat and one dog, and they are very welcoming and love people.

Would this be something you would be interested in? We are looking forward to hearing from you!”



Tell me that’s not amazing, and I would laugh you out of the room.

I chose not to attempt a nanny position since I didn’t want to bail on them. The only issue was that I didn’t have a car. I have a bike. 


So I responded.


“Hi Travis! I am your girl as long as you aren’t too far away. I have been itching to hold a baby for a while now and would be honored to care for yours.🥰”


“It is great to hear from you. We are in Colorado Springs in the cottonwood creek area over by the YMCA; how far would that be from you?”


15m drive … 43m bike … 700ft incline…😐


I needed something with a motor… motorbike?…


I responded…


“It’s a 15-minute drive so that should be close enough.😄”


I am going to stand my ground and wield the Word.

I kept repeating Perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment; there is no fear in love. Over and over.

Then all the scriptures started pouring out, peace wrapped around me, and the fear fled.

When my alarm went off at four, I concluded I needed a few more hours, so I went back to bed till six. I wanted to fall back to sleep when I woke up, but I chose against it.

I wasn’t sure what to do right away. Pray, read the Bible, or exercise to keep me awake? In the uncertainty, I started trying to fix some of the problems that were worrying me last night. The worries, doubts, and fears began flooding back in.

Doubts about what God has told me. I hit my knees with my head in my hands, and as the thought came in, “what is wrong with me?” I heard the Lord remind me, “these aren’t your thoughts; use the word.”

So like last night, I preached to myself and pulled out my laptop for reflection.


Then I jumped on FB marketplace to find a motorbike. They were all crappy or out of my price range.

I checked Amazon and Walmart and found a bike that was nice but still pricey.

I knew it would be a good investment for Woodland Park, but I didn’t have peace to buy then, so I dropped the motor bike idea and spoke to the Lord, “If this is your idea, you will supply a way of transportation, or I’ll just pass it up.”

Instantly he gave me Jordan.

I have been riding with her to the crusade and didn’t want to keep asking for rides for free.

So I decided to ask her for the rides and, in exchange, for gas and take her out to eat every week. 


He messaged back…


“Let me chat with my wife. Would you be open to meeting at a coffee shop after 6:30pm this or next week? We will have to be flexible on the start date, if that is ok with you. Our nanny is due Aug. 1 but it’s starting to look like she may be having her baby earlier than that”


“Yes, I’m open to that.👍🫡”


When she picked me up yesterday, I set the proposal before her and told her to think about it and that I would respect her boundaries. Driving home after the crusade, she took me up on it. So baby we are in business.


Today we picked the day, time, and location of a meeting. They suggested a Starbucks. 8 minutes away from me. Praise God that they picked something close to me. I negotiated for Ziggi’s since it is 2 minutes closer to me, and I don’t like Starbucks (that’s not how I put it, of course, 😂). 

spare room

Today I had Adrianna message me and offer me the spare room at her place for $600.

I’ve felt like God told me that’s where I was going to be moving when I move to Woodland.

I wouldn’t say I liked the idea at first but I believe God kept putting the image in my head to where I had already decorated the little chicken coop with string lights, and the idea became a fond one.

I told the Lord that I didn’t want to request, but if He wants me there, He will impress it on Adrianna’s heart and reach out to me.

Later I felt He was asking me what I would like to pay for rent, and I asked for $400 or less.

Though I had a feeling, Adrianna would ask for $600. That bothers me for a reason I probably shouldn’t disclose here.

Sometimes I do remember this journal isn’t actually confidential just unlikely anyone will read it… right? 



I feel that God has given me the room for $400 a month, so I asked Adrianna to negotiate the price down to that, and she brought it to $500. I know that’s a good price for what’s available. But I was reminded of a testimony I heard a while back. God gave this guy a number to buy some land that was way below the asking price. He requested that number and the sellers laughed at him but kept lowering the cost. Every time it was a temptation to take that offer instead of sticking with the Lord’s number, he stuck to it and got the price the Lord told him to ask for. It was a massive discount for sure. So I told her to pray about the $400. 😊


Going back in time a bit, Arielle made it to the 3rd night of the crusade, and we went out after with friends to a wings place where she covered my meal.

I was very thankful for that because I asked God if He would take care of my meal this time.

The last two times I went out, I blessed my friends with their meals.

That night when she dropped me off, Air passed me her iPad that is now officially mine.

I am like a child with a new toy. I bought ProCreate right away and started playing around with it.

The first thing I made was a daisy that I literally just drew with a watercolor brush over a picture I took and erased the background.

It was fun. I’m going to put the daisy on a t-shirt.


It’s been an eventful week, and I see the hand of God all over it.

I‘m thankful for His wisdom, guidance, and presence in my life.

When I don’t deserve it, He is faithful. I want to live for Him and not get caught up in the moment.

In His service,



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